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Project Manager

Carter has a BBA in International Business, along with experience as a Student Athletic Therapist. Through his knowledge of both movement and the world of business, he understands the effects health and wellness on the workplace. When he's not at his desk, you can find Carter in the climbing gym or kicking a soccer ball.


Certified Nutritionist 

Sidney is a Certified Nutritional 

Practitioner with a practice devoted to teaching the foundations of wellness for clients. From adrenal fatigue to weight management, she always applies the simple principle of meeting people where they’re at. She is an accomplished synchronized swimmer and national level coach. In her spare time she enjoys whipping up healthy gluten-free treats and scouting out single origin chocolate bars. 


Fitness Professional

Michael is a strength and conditioning coach by trade and spends most of his days teaching athletes, weekend warriors and recovering back surgery patients how to deadlift. His passion extends to the exploration of wellness, high performance and personal resiliency beyond the world of sport and rehabilitation. He prefers non-fiction to fiction, a beach as opposed to the mountains and espresso over French press.

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