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“For our first NAOSH Week campaign at Westminster Savings, our mission was to raise awareness of ergonomics and physical fitness at the office, but we knew we needed something more than just a newsletter or memo to be effective. That something— or in this case, someone — was Michael Panarella. Highly recommended by a member of our senior management team, Michael did not disappoint. Knowledgeable, charismatic, and above all, passionate about his work, Michael is a consummate fitness professional. Hosting two lunch and learn sessions, Michael demonstrated an ability to understand his audience and adapt his message and delivery accordingly. He had us engaged, inquisitive, and, quite literally, on the edge of our seats! Spending that hour with Michael was a step in the right direction. Mission accomplished!” - Jedd Sobrepena, Human Resources Analyst, Westminster Savings Credit Union


“Given that our business is deadline driven, stress management and maintaining work- life balance are important skills for our staff to develop. We have had more positive feedback about Sidney's presentation than any other on any topic during my tenure at KWL." - Mark Blamey, President, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd

"Michael recently gave an interesting and educational presentation to our staff.  Since most of our staff work at a desk all day, I know that they will benefit from the ideas and exercises outlined by Michael.  At the end of the session, the staff was energized and enthusiastic and actively discussing "wellness”.  As a manager, I can certainly attest to the impact Michael had on the staff and would recommend him to any group looking to begin the path to wellness. - Scott Baker, Vice President Material Management, Stevens Medical Company

"We had the pleasure of hosting Michael for a lunch and learn session and truly enjoyed the experience. Michael has a wealth of knowledge and gave a dynamic presentation that motivated employees to be aware, be well and be healthy! The presentation was informative and he gave simple workplace tips that will make a significant impact on the health and well-being of our employees. His very down to earth approach led to a lot of discussion and it was fantastic to see the numbers of staff who actively engaged with the strategies shared. Working with Michael was an absolute pleasure! His passion for health and wellness is evident in his presentation and his message was well received by all who attended."- Kelly Melville, Proposal Analyst, ABB

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