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Three Tips To Help You Begin A Mindfulness Practice That Sticks


One of the most popular terms in health and wellness today. Everyone seems to be talking about it and we all know how powerful it is for our mental well-being.

And yet the question remains:

How many of us actually have a regular mindfulness practice?

If you’ve tried, you know how tricky it can be -- somewhere between eating your vegetables and getting to the gym -- to add mindfulness to your day.

Fear not. Here are three tips to help begin a mindfulness practice that really sticks.

Be Clear.

Before you begin, ask yourself: “Why do I want a mindfulness practice?”

While the reasons that first arise such as “I want to de-stress” or “I want to perform under pressure” are valuable pursuits, you will find they don’t carry enough inspiration to keep you motivated.

Dig deeper and you will uncover more profound rationale:

“I want to be the best version of myself.”

“I’d like to be a better partner, leader, member of my community, etc.”

“I want to have a positive and lasting impact on the world.”

Place these revelations at your foundation and you will have ample motivation to prioritize your wellness and in turn, your mindfulness practice.

Have fun.

If the thought of a mindfulness practice stresses you out even more, you’re not alone. Many people view it as a challenge that they take on. In fact, it does not have to be yet another tiring “task” to add to your to-do list. Your mindfulness practice should be fun, light-hearted, invigorating, and full of joy. From the very beginning be sure to view it from that perspective.

Just start.

It’s as simple as that. Whether its two minutes of deep breathing while seated at your desk, a quiet lunchtime walk in nature or a quick yoga stretch: make the decision to start. There is no right way to practice mindfulness and the only wrong way is to keep it filed away as “something you’ll get to tomorrow.”

At Valeo Wellness, we help inspired professionals who are driven to better the world stay healthy and be happy.

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